Shape-Shifter Strength & Conditioning

Training with someone can help to keep you motivated and accountable, and Shape-Shifter Strength & Conditioning is the perfect option. This class is a smaller group of 4-6 ladies per session.

Strength & Conditioning training sessions are about working together to achieve, and are focused on improvement in not only strength, but also lung capacity. Every session is tailored towards the small group, with a focus on variety and motivation.

Shape-Shifter Bootcamp

Shape-shifter Bootcamp is designed to make you sweat it out and feel the burn! With a mixture of cardio and strength training, every session is different to help keep you motivated and on your toes.

Bootcamp groups are run to cover all exercise abilities, with pre-planned warm ups given before class starts to help you maximise your time at the gym. With a maximum of 10 women per session, you’ll have the benefits of working closely with a trainer, as well as the supportive, team environment. Every session is finished with a stretching session designed to target the muscle groups used. 

Shape-Shifter Cardio & Core

Cardio & Core is a fast, fun, 30 minute high-intensity workout. With a group of 8-10 women, each week is different with sessions varying between Metafit, Functional Fitness and other fun in-conventional cardio workouts. You will get a sweat on and torch those calories!

Current Timetable

Monday: 6:10pm (Bootcamp)

Wednesday: 5pm (Bootcamp)

Thursday: 6:35pm (Bootcamp)


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