Noelle Gutry - Shape-Shifter Personal Trainer

I first became interested in exercise when my mum decided that she wanted to start running, and before I knew it, I was running marathons and learning to love exercise.

After seeing first-hand the dangers of focusing on a number on the scale, it was a personal trainer that made me realise that I wanted to help people to live a healthy lifestyle, rather than fall into a trap of excessive exercise and poor nutrition.

I am a REPS registered, qualified personal trainer who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals! I am a huge believer in having a balanced lifestyle - you should be enjoying the life that you live! I make sure that my clients get to their goals without having to take drastic measures.


- Level 3 Fitness Instruction
- Level 4 Personal Training
- Metafit Certification
- NZ Punch Fit Trainer Level 1
- Sports Nutrition
- Girls Gone Strong Pre/post natal fitness

- Rehab Trainer (Rehab Trainer - Essentials)


Noelle has changed my life. She’s made me enjoy exercise when I never thought I would, and I enjoy going to boot camp because, even though I know my boundaries will be pushed, I can achieve the tasks she sets. As an older woman I don’t ever feel judged - it’s about doing what you can rather than competing with others. Boot camp is like a family. 

Tammy Williams

Over the past 3 years Noelle has helped me to learn to love exercise, and to realise that being fit and strong is more important than a number on a scale. Noelle is the type of personal trainer who understands that life happens - she’s listened while I’ve ranted during break ups, helped me ‘run out the rage’ during tough times, and cheered me on through the good times. The girls at Shape-Shifter are like a family - we laugh and cry together and support each other always. 

Kristy Wright

Noelle is very genuine and down to earth. She’s helped me gain more confidence in myself and my abilities - in the gym as well as in everyday life.  

Niki Wilson


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